Thursday, 26 September 2013

Dolphin parenting - More labels?

Not content with being a Tiger Mum or a Helicopter Parent, now it appears the latest label to put on parents is Dolphin Parent.

Dolphin Parenting: Raising Kids to Be Smart and Happy

If you are a playful, social and intelligent parent (as we all are, honest), then you can start printing off your little name tag that says "Hi, my name is *insert name here* and I am a Dolphin Parent!

Now you may here a slight tone of irony in my writing, but tbh, I'm not really into labels, putting people into groups or adding more stress and worry onto already frazzled parents! I am all for gaining advice on how to raise happy children , But I would much rather take the bits that work for me and my family, mould them together and make my own style of parenting rather than sticking to a list of things I should be doing such as smiling more and ensuring I emit "rational optimism" (ugh).

Maybe I should create my own "brand" of parenting. The Eliminator Mum. Basically you take every single piece of parenting advice you can find, try it out on your family and if it doesn't work, just eliminate it from your life. Or The Scraper Mum. Where you do the bare amount to scrape by? Hmmmmmmmmm. Think I'll just stick with what I'm doing.

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