Monday, 9 September 2013

Like I haven't got enough going on!!!!

So not only do we move house in 4 days (am really trying to hold down a massive EEEEEEEKKK every time I think about it) but it is the kiddies first day of school AND the estate agents are coming over to take photos of the house we are currently in. Oh, and did I mention that I decided to dye the sofa covers before we moved?!

Having to prioritise, I decided to take one thing at a time and took some GORGEOUS shots of my little ones before they headed off for school.


Then it was off home to start tidying for the estate agents. I have never hoovered so quickly in all my life!

Then after the school runs (not like 'the runs', just several 'runs to school'), I stripped the sofa and stuck them in the machine to dye. Here's one I made earlier, I'll show you the completed look when they are in their proper place, which is MY NEW LOUNGE!!!!! Have I mentioned i'm moving?!

 photo 6d2a49e3-d028-4e55-8669-58d0227246c6_zps0654ba82.jpg

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